Arnaud Grignard

Postdoctoral Associate  
Office: E15-368

Arnaud Grignard is a computer scientist specialized in complex systems modelling and information visualization. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from l'université Pierre et Marie Curie - UPMC. He is now a Postdoctoral Associate in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences in Changing Places research group at the MIT MediaLab. While working on different fields of application such as multi-level, urban systems and human mobility, he develops a new approach called agent-based visualization to handle real-time visualization tasks applied both to data and simulation outputs. .



  • MIT MediaLab - Changing Places - Model Cities: Rapid Urban Prototyping for ‘Innovation Districts’ - A City Science Design Workshop | Units (3-0-9), Fall 2016

  • MIT MediaLab - Changing Places - CityScope Kendall Sqaure: Modeling a World-class Innovation Community | Units (3-0-9), Spring 2017



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