A unique implementation of the CityScope platforms is being developed for the country of Andorra to emphasize tourism, energy, and traffic congestion.

Event Analysis

Based on the analysis of Call Detail Records and Social Media, the goal of this project is to understand the tourist behaviors in Andorra.

After mining those anonymized data we have been able to learn different patterns and behaviors of the tourism in Andorra thanks to an agent-based model developped in order to represent the flow of people. This simulation is also coupled with an interactive table called CityMatrix.

This work has been presented in 2016 at the Smart City Expo World at Barcelona.

Contributors: Arnaud Grignard,Luis Alonso, Ariel Noyman, Ryan Zang, Núria Macià (Fundació ActuaTech), Marc Vilella (OBSA).


Andorra tourism Flows

A descriptive visualization of Origin-Destination (OD) Matrices. Matrices are derived from Andorra Telecom call detail record (CDR) data. Individual level behavior simulated with agent-based modeling and Dijkstra's algorithm.

Contributors: Ira WinderNaichun Chen, Yan Leng, Nina Lutz