Commercial Version of the MIT Media Lab CityCar Unveiled at European Union Commission Headquarters

In response to a recent number of blog responses and inquiries into the CityCar and its industrial development, I've decided to post our official press release from January of 2012. This explains the overall vehicle concept and how it fits into a new system of urban transport that we designed at the MIT Media Lab. This piece also gives a bit of history of the project including the key people involved in the conceptual design and engineering development:


A full-scale version of the stackable, electric CityCar, created by researchers at the MIT Media Lab and commercialized by a consortium of automotive suppliers in the Basque region of Spain, was unveiled at the European Union Commission headquarters on January 24, 2012.

Branded "Hiriko," the vehicle incorporates all of the essential concepts of the MIT Media Lab CityCar: a folding chassis to occupy a small footprint when parked, drive-by-wire control, front entry and egress, the ability to spin on its axis, and “Robot Wheels” with integrated electric drive motor, steering motor, suspension, and braking. Since 2009, the Media Lab has collaborated with Denokinn, an industrial sponsor from Vitoria, Spain, and their partner companies to refine the design and technology of the CityCar to allow for its commercialization by industry.

Mobility-on-Demand systems consisting of lightweight
electric vehicles designed by the MIT Media Lab's
Smart Cities research group.

The CityCar compared to traditional automobiles.

MIT CityCar design team members with full-scale prototype of the Hiriko.

The original press release page can be found here.