Switching hats for disruption

Day 2 of the Disrupting Mobility Summit was focusing on sharing, governing and design. The morning session discussed the role of technology as it empowers individuals and institutions to share and redistribute excess capacity of goods and services. In the session on governing for disruption, the panel comprising representatives from local and national authorities (who repeatedly denoted themselves as “idiots” referring to yesterday’s comment by Nicholas Negroponte on the public opinion of civil servants) discussed the need of changing the norm in governing in order to enable innovation – both on the local as well on the national level. A holistic approach and the collaborative development of ideas were deemed essential for engaging the public and the private sector to achieve disrupting solutions and share different viewpoints. Also in the following session on Designing for Disruption (with two very inspiring talks on robots and designing for the future) the panelists agreed that “switching hats” – working in multi-/inter- or anti-disciplinary teams with each expert focusing on totally new areas – can boost innovation on the power of imagination.

The summit concluded with a closing talk by Zipcar CEO Kaye Ceille, followed by a casual joint lunch with lively discussions and making new friends and contacts. Finally, the participants rushed off to different company visits and campus tours, like to the Media Lab. Great closing for a great summit!