Update: CP alum won the inaugural MIT 'Food and Agribusiness Innovation' Prize & Harvard 'Seed for Change' Competition

Update: CP Alum Francesco Wiedemann and his team, won the inaugural MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize last week as well as the Harvard Seed for Change Competition this week. Wiedemann added that "In both contests it was an honor and a privilege to share the stage with other talented teams with a passion for food, agriculture, and sustainability. We’d like to thank the contest teams, judges, sponsors, and mentors for all of their support. These prizes will really accelerate our ability to get things implemented in India!"

See more about this project below and here: http://news.mit.edu/2016/india-supply-chain-food-agribusiness-innovation-prize-0429

Francesco Wiedemann, who has been a visiting researcher of the Changing Places group for the last 6 months, now got into the Finals of the MIT $100K Accelerate Competition with 'Gomango'.

Together with his co-founder, Naren Tallapragada, he recognized a pressing need in many developing parts of the world. Refrigerated transport puts fresh food on the table, as long as you can afford it. The developing world can't, because refrigerated frights and trucks are too expensive to own and operate. But what if it would be possible to convert normal trucks into refrigerated ones? 

Project's logo By Francesco Wiedemann

Project's logo By Francesco Wiedemann

The startup 'Gomango' is aiming to develop low-cost, low-power, smart refrigerated boxes that will turn Indian trucking companies into high-value cold chain providers. This solution will prevent food spoilage and expand food choices, driving growth for the startup and for India alike.

Come and support team gomango this Wednesday on February 10th @7pm in 10-250.