The House of the Future at IFA, Berlin

Last week, I had the opportunity to join Samsung`s CEO BK Yoon for a keynote session at the IFA in Berlin, one of the world’s largest and oldest consumer electronics shows (Albert Einstein spoke about the possibilities for radio at IFA in the 30's).  Yoon presented Samsung’s vision of the home of the future and pointed out: “The biggest change, the biggest transformation, will happen in our Homes, at a speed we can barely imagine”.

I then presented our latest prototype of a 200 square foot hyper-efficient, personalized urban apartment called the CityHome, which uses transformable elements and robotic walls to reconfigure the space in response to the occupants needs and values.  The CityHome was also used to experiment with new interfaces for transformation, including gesture control, voice control, and touch sensors.  Yoon was very generous and said at the end of my talk, "when I was an engineering student, I would have loved a flat like that."

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