Awards, books and robots

The first day of the Disrupting Mobility Summit ended with a poster session comprising 30 posters covering different topics such as technological innovations as well as social aspects. After that, participants were invited to join a reception with award ceremony for Best Posters and Hackathon winners. The Best Poster Award including two books from MIT authors went to Ronnie Kutadinata and his colleagues from the University of Melbourne for their poster “Shared, Autonomous, Connected and Electric Urban Transport“. The poster presentations of Dewan Karim from the City of Toronto („Innovative Mobility Master Plan: Connecting Multimodal Systems with Smart Technologies“) as well as R. Sheehan et al. from the Federal Highway Administration („Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative“, a last minute submission which didn’t make it into the program) received special acknowledgements.

Of course also the winners of the Autonomous Urban Delivery Hackathon have been celebrated during the event. Of the 82 hackers in nine teams, who had been hacking 48 hours right here at the MIT Media Lab the weekend before, 4 winning teams were welcomed on the stage: Team “Capsule” (Michal Cap, Kasia Marczuk, Samitha Samaranayake, Valerio Varricchio) and Team “Dirty Jobs” (Sophia Yang, Angad Randhawa, Hosea Siu, Sesha Sendhil, Christian Umbach) shared the 3rd Prize; the 2nd Prize (awarded by the Hackathon participants) went to Team “Mesh Egress” (Ryan McLaughlin, Jamie Farrell, Siddharth Gupta, Zach Hyman, Xinhui Li). The Grand Prize was well-deserved by Team “Relay” (You Wu, Max Qu, Esya Volchek, David Wang), who developed an innovative approach of combining drones and public transport for urban deliveries. This performance was also rewarded with the Turtlebot2 the team used for simulating drone-bus interaction, which was impressively demonstrated in a video.

The award ceremony ended with the announcement of the Disrupting Mobility Book, which is going to be published mid 2016 in Springer Lecture Notes in Mobility. Authors will be invited from the presenters of the summit based on the quality of their posters and talks. The evening was finally concluded in a relaxed atmosphere with “Relay’s” robot serving drinks for the team.