200 square-foot CityHome

Hasier Larrea, Daniel Goodman, Oier Ariño, Phillip Ewing

The CityHome Lab is a 200 square-foot Living Laboratory designed to develop, deploy, test, and evaluate strategies for “living large in a small space”, with a focus on the mechatronics of hyper-efficient transformable infill, new home interfaces, and technologies related to distributed work, proactive health, energy conservation, entertainment, and communication. The integration of these new systems and technologies creates urban dwellings that function as if they were much larger, minimize resource consumption, and develop rich living experiences for their occupants.

Press Coverage

"MIT's CityHome is a house in a box you control by waving your hand", FastCompany, May 2014.

"The incredible shape changing cabinet that could TRIPLE the size of your apartment", Daily Mail, June 2014.

"Living in an urban shoebox? You need a robowall", Washington Post, June 2014.

"MIT breakthrough makes tiny apartments feel three times bigger", Gizmodo, June 2014.

"This trippy box puts a disco spin on home automation", The Verge, May 2014.