city I/O


cityI/O (input/output) is a cloud and data-base driven platfrom which allows remote participation, database augmentation and high-end complex visualization. cityI/O operates anywhere, on multiple platforms and devices, using client-side apps or web-based interfaces. 

The cityI/O platform is built for scale and to serve large volumes of end-users in real time, in order to augment multi-participants discussion and decision making process. Utilizing the mass adaptation of mobile and hand-held devices, cityI/O promotes an equal and decentralized discussion for multiparty stakeholders.   

cityI/O Framework model

cityI/O Framework model

cityI/O offers a suite of augmented reality data-visualization tools that utilize server-side data and analysis. cityI/O allows client side interactions in multiple forms:


cityI/O is intended to reduce complexity in design and planning tools and to support  data-driven environment for planners, designers and decision makers. cityI/O uses modern simulation tools and employs cutting edge AR applications in order to offer an immersive user experience for planning professionals and the general public alike. These simulations can augment indoor and outdoor environments, physical models and technical drawings. 


Using self-explanatory web and mobile apps with high-end visualization and user-interfaces, cityI/O offers cities, municipalities and planning authorities the ability to better communicate complex planning processes and to aggregate the public's opinion in real time. cityI/O's scalable server side allows multiple users to collaborate, participate and voice their opinion on design and planning initiatives.  

Platform Prototypes

cityI/O Hamburg

cityI/O Hamburg augmenting cityMatrix table. This deployment allows design in the urban context of Rothenburgsort neighborhood.  

cityI/O Andorra

cityI/O Boston BRT | street-scale