CITYSCOPE: Playground for Zoning Kendall Square

A student team leverages the CityScope platform in a unique implementation "Playground" that empowers non-expert stakeholders to experiment with form-based zoning.  The platform provides feedback when user input violates certain zoning restrictions coded into law, but does not prohibit such interventions.

Contributors: Ariel Noyman, Ira Winder, Lezhi Li, Wei Lin

CITYSCOPE: Land Use Transportation Simulator

CityScope: Scout

The CityScope "Scout" prototype transforms any tabletop into a canvas for land use planning, and allows rapid prototyping with real-time evaluation. The system strives to create an intuitive experience, as users are less likely to have expert-knowledge of the simulations models we use.

Contributors: J. Ira Winder, Joshua Fabian

CityScope: Reconfigure

The Reconfigure prototype allows users to edit a digital model by moving physical abstractions of building typologies. Movements are automatically detected, scanned, and digitized so as to generate inputs for computational analysis.  3D information is also projected back onto the model to give the user feedback while edits are made.

The "Mark IV" prototype (below) was developed for a short demonstration at the Edinburgh Culture Summit in August 2014.

Contributors: J. Ira Winder, Carson Smuts, Mo Hadhrawi, Grady Sain, Joshua Fabian, Shelby Pefley, Rucha Mehendale