IAP Course: Persuasive Cities for Sustainable Wellbeing

  • MIT Media Lab 20 Ames Street, E15-359 Cambridge, MA, 02142 USA

Instructor — Dr. Agnis Stibe — Social Engineer at MIT Media Lab
Sessions — 10am-12pm on Jan 6, Jan 8, Jan 13, and Jan 15, 2016

Syllabus | MIT IAP Listing

Do I want to shape my behavior? Or influence behaviors of other people?

Have I ever tried to change something in my behavior or to alter what others think or do? Has my experience been successful so far? If you would like to improve your chances, then you are welcome to practice and learn ways to reshape human behaviors (at scale).

Can you imagine a city that feels, understands, and cares? Many of us live and work in an urban environment, however we often are not aware of how hugely our behavior is influenced by the environment. Future cities will alter human behavior in countless ways and Socially Influencing Systems (SIS) will play an important role in making urban spaces more livable and resource-efficient by addressing current environmental problems and enabling healthier routines.

In this highly interactive course, we will discuss ways for reshaping our current environments and designing future Persuasive Cities to help people become healthier and to acquire sustainable lifestyles. We will explore how good urban design can be combined with Socially Influencing Systems (SIS) to encourage healthy behaviors at scale. We will study how quality of life can be improved through the creation of persuasive cities, streets, buildings, homes, and vehicles.

Each session will delve into practical design issues through interactive presentations and collaborative work.


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Class 1 - Jan 6 | Class 2 - Jan 8 | Class 3 - Jan 13 | Class 4 - Jan 15