Juanita Devis Clavijo is a Colombian architect at the MIT Media Lab's Changing Places group. She has collaborated with different projects in the group such as CityHome and TowerScope. She has also collaborated with the Object-Based Media Group at the Media Lab for the development of Networked Playscapes in Mexico City. She is currently involved in the Andorra Living Lab project, which combines different research topics of the group (Energy consumption, city simulation, urban mobility, innovation district and smart housing), to provide comprehensive solutions for the future urban challenges of the country.

She is contributing in the design of participatory spaces promoting the interaction between people, the complexity of local conditions, and innovation strategies for a smart country. She is also investigating new innovative elements enhancing the future living experience of Andorra.  

She received the Master of Science in Architecture and the Bachelor in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She practiced in different architectural and design firms in Italy, and in the US. She has been involved in different projects spanning from residential housing, urban design, interior design, international competitions, exhibition spaces and pavilions.

Her wide research interests include incremental self-construction in developing countries, the link between cultural identity and urban shape, and the use of technology as supporting tool for the design and transformation of urban and architectural environments.