Mario Siller, PhD

Visiting Associate Professor

Fulbright Fellow 2015-2016
Office: E15-368
E-mail: msiller@mit.edu
Twitter: @mario_siller


Mario Siller is an Associate Professor at Cinvestav Guadalajara and a Visiting Associate Professor at the MIT Media Lab (Media Arts and Sciences). He is also a Fulbright-Garcia Robles Scholar Fellow for the period 2015-2016.

During his academic visit he is working in the City Science area studying emergent and aggregated complex behavior of cities, from the perspective of Systems Engineering and Complex Systems Theory, to enable information and communication infrastructure (ICT) to “match its complexity” as they evolve and adapt. For this he is exploring and developing new ICT architecture designs and algorithms.  He is focusing in two study cases: (i) Urban Agriculture and (ii) Intelligent Transport Systems / Mobility on Demand (MoD).

Dr. Siller has supervised and co-supervised MSc and PhD Thesis in the areas of Design, Analysis, and Performance Evaluation of Network-Based Systems and Protocols, Multimedia Communications, QoS Management, Wireless Sensor Networks, Localization Algorithms, Machine Learning and Distributed Systems. He has developed technology for software and intelligent transport systems companies, among others.

He received his B.Sc. degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from the ITESM Campus Monterrey (Tecnológico de Monterrey) and both his M.Sc. in Telecommunications and Information Systems and Ph.D. in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Essex in Colchester, England. Previous to his postgraduate studies he worked for several telecom companies in Mexico as a Network Manager and Support Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer, and Integrated Network Management Systems Senior Analyst.

Dr. Siller is a reviewer for the Journal IET Communications and an active IEEE member. He is also a member of the Mexican “National System of Researchers – (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) from the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT)”.



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