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nina m lutz  

Undergraduate Researcher
Office: E15-368
Github: https://github.com/ninalutz

Nina is an undergraduate research assistant pursuing her Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (6-2) with a minor in Design at MIT. She joined Changing Places in November 2015.

Nina works with Ira Winder on rapid intervention prototypes for a variety of city systems around the world including Singapore and Andorra. Her interests include agent based modeling, tangible and graphical interfaces, and ways to improve the realism of simulated systems.

Working with call detail records, she develops algorithms to better visualize tourism flows in the capitol of Andorra. Currently, she is helping researchers incorporate an interactive hardware platform within Andorra’s visualization as well as continuing data analysis.

For Singapore, she also builds models that evaluate land use accessibility to amenities. The models take into account age demographics, public transit, and agent-based simulation of pedestrian movement. This includes developing ways to visualize networks within Singapore, along with designing a tangible user interface for real time intervention.

Her other contributions include working on the user interfaces for intervention applications, providing technical and nontechnical documentation for some of the projects, and helping curate the demo space in the lab. 

Nina can usually be found on the couch behind the demos, coding or playing with Legos.