phil tinn

Research Scientist

Co-Lead, Autonomous Shared Bike Platform

MCP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BA, University of California - Berkeley




Phil is bringing a new approach to Urban Innovation by cultivating the difficult intersection between Human-Centered Design & Complex Systems. His projects exemplify a new cross-disciplinary approach to Urban Innovation by combining interventions in design, policy, engagement and behavior change in a way that humanizes technology to help cities deliver experiences that match the needs, expectations and aspirations of their users. His MIT thesis project combined LEGO bricks, interactive data visualization and traffic modeling to enable citizens and community stakeholders in Boston to co-design their transit systems. Currently, his team at the Media Lab is combining persuasive design, driverless technology and cycling to create a new generation shared-used mobility platform for  last-mile commuting and logistics, a platform that will soon enable cities to transform into a car-lite, pedestrian-friendly environment.

Prior to MIT, Phil co-founded Smartgrow to build sensor kit for urban farmers, led new product development projects at Samsung Electronics, and advised Fortune 500 and leading public sector organizations on ways to build capability to create and deliver better services and experiences to their customers and employees.