Rich Fletcher

Research Scientist
Office: N52-301
Phone: +1 617 694-1428
Web: http://:

Dr. Fletcher has over 20 years experience building wireless sensors and currently leads several research efforts in the area of environmental sensing and mobile health. Dr. Fletcher has developed a variety of plant instrumentation at the Media Lab over the past 10 years to study plant grown and response to environmental stimuli.  Dr. Fletcher's interests also includes nutrition and the therapeutic effects of community farming on human disease and mental health.  Dr. Fletcher has MIT degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, and has devoted a large part of his life to deploying technology in developing countries. Dr. Fletcher is also a veteran of the US Air Force, and has founded several start-up companies in the US and India.

Selected Papers

Fletcher, R. R., Oreskovic, M., & Robinson, A. I. (2014, August). Design and Clinical Feasibility of Personal Wearable Monitor for Measurement of Activity and Environmental Exposure. In Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2014 Annual International Conference of the IEEE .