Tyrone Yang, PhD

Office: E15-394
Phone: +1 617 970 8108
Fax: +1 617 253 6264
E-Mail: tyang@mit.edu

Tyrone Yang is a practicing architect and Research Affiliate at the Changing Places Group.  Coming from a background in experimental psychology and architecture, his research and teaching interests focus on human factors in architecture and using scientific research to create environments that respond to people's needs.  His efforts at Changing Places include connecting the group to other researchers, companies and organizations to bridge research efforts and real world challenges.

His teaching experience includes developing and teaching a seminar (Perception Lab ) at the University of Virginia Department of Psychology and two special topics seminars (Perception and Human Factors in Architecture; and Architecture, Energy, People ) at the Wentworth Institute of Technology Department of Architecture.  He has also worked as a course collaborator for the MIT Living Labs workshop taught by the Changing Places group.

Tyrone Yang is the founder of Yang Architects, LLC.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cornell University, a Master of Science and Ph.D in cognitive psychology with a focus on visual perception from the University of Virginia and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University.


Selected Publications

Yang, T.  (2011, Fall).  Two views on two cultures.  Architecture Boston issue on Science, 14 (3), 34-35. [PDF

Yang, T. , Dixon, M. W., & Proffitt, D. R. (1999).  Seeing big things: Overestimation of heights is greater for real objects than for objects in pictures.  Perception, 28 (4), 445-467. [PDF